Roulette Royale App for Android

Posted by Play Roulette in Headlines

We are looking at yet another opportunity for you to play roulette through your android device today, with the Roulette Royale app created by MyWavia Studios. This is a fantastic version of online casino roulette which was released as recently as 19 December 2013, so you know that it will all have all of the latest advancements in terms of graphics and technology – and it is free to install, which means that there is no risk in giving it a try. You can find it in the cards and casino section of the Google Play Story if you would like to give it a whirl yourself, and if you are not sure then we will give you some more details here to whet your appetite.

This app was created by the same people who made Slots Royale, which you may have heard of because it became very popular once it was released. It was actually developed for the iPhone, but has now been converted into an Android app to give you a rich user interface which will really enhance the experience as a whole. There are plenty of virtual chips for you to access for free, and you can play alongside robots who make it feel as though you are playing in a real casino. You can see full statistics and to which numbers are coming up most regularly and what the full history of your spins has been, as well as seeing the winning numbers that the bots are hitting. There is a two-part screen showing the entire roulette table, and some of the other features include the chance to challenge your Facebook friends, see how much they have won through their career, poke them, and tell them how well you are doing. You can even access a Hall of Fame for not only your friends but also all players across the world, seeing if you can do better than the others with your $100 of starting chips.

You can even upload your own picture so that you will be represented by your own image in the Hall of Fame, and you can enjoy high-definition graphics which will really look fantastic on your phone screen. You can buy plenty of items in the shop, from virtual Rolex watches to a virtual space trip, in order to show off your wealth and demonstrates just how great you are at winning those chips. You can even compete with others on how many items you have bought from the shop, and how much you have spent there. There are realistic sounds and an ambient background music score to simulate a real casino environment, and with both European and American roulette available you can easily find something that suits you the best. You can share your statistics and scores through Twitter and email as well if you would like to, through one single tap, and you can easily get in touch with the team behind the app if you would like to know more or need some help.