Free Roulette

This is the best part I love in gambling on the internet. Yup, the ‘free’ part! When I first signed up at an online casino I had no idea why there were free games and real money games. You don’t walk into any casino in Las Vegas or Macao and request the dealer for a free game. He’ll throw you into the desert and probably call you a wacko! That’s why I stick to taking my chances at online casinos. I get all the help I need, plus ‘free games’… 🙂 This may surprise you but free online games are there for a reason; to show you what the games are like and most importantly, to help you learn.

Online casinos offer all their games in the “play for fun” or the “guest” mode once you register an account with them. Even if you register a real money account you can still play for free in the guest account. The only games that you can’t play for free are the progressive jackpots. I only play the free games to test games or to practice a game that I’m learning about. In roulette you would need to learn about the different betting options so that is why I would use the free roulette game.

Free games give you the opportunity to try out the different strategies that can be used at real money games. What I mean is free roulette games help you practice before you go on to spending your real money. You learn the game better and at the end of it you are sure of what kind of strategy to use to win at the money games. Games like slots, blackjack, craps, video poker, poker, and roulette are all available for free play at the casino. My favorite is roulette… the European version! For the simple reason that the house edge is much less in this version…it is 2.63%.

Once you’ve entered a free online roulette game, take a look at the betting options. The most important element of the game is placing your appropriate bets. With free roulette games you can experiment on all the different bets and see which one you are most comfortable wagering at. Though the game has got a bit of luck involved there is also a bit of skill that needs to be used to win.

European roulette, as you all know, has a single zero marked on one of the numbered slots along with numbers 1-36. The numbered slots are alternatively colored red and black which also comes under the various bets. Once you’ve chosen your bet, raise your chips and then press the ‘spin’ button. The ball in the roulette wheel spins and then comes to rest in the blink of an eye. Winnings are given out if the ball lands on your chosen number, else you lose and the game restarts.

European Roulette bets include the inside bets and outside bets. I prefer betting on a group of numbers instead of predicting a single number, as I have a higher chance of winning on betting on a group. Most times I win when I bet on a group of numbers. So enjoy your luck with the free games, it will help you later when wagering for money.