Best Way To Play Roulette

Best Way To Play RouletteAs you are aware, there are two varieties of roulette wheels, the European and French roulette wheels are marked with a single zero and the American roulette has a double zero. Obviously, the American wheel has a greater house edge because of its extra double zero slots.

The roulette strategy involved in the game involves knowing how to bet and how much to bet. The game consists of a number of betting options which is very important to know and to understand if you are hoping to win regularly. The inside and outside bets is what roulette betting is all about. The inside bets consist of the straight up bets, street bets, split bets, corner bets, square bets and the outside bets consist of red or black, odd or even, high or low, columns and dozens of numbers.

It is better to choose a set of numbers and expect to win at least one of them, rather than betting on a single number. The European roulette has a house edge of 2.63% which is a better version to choose rather than the American roulette which has a house edge of 5.26%.

Here are the probabilities of winning on each wheel:
The wheel with a single zero slot has a total of 37 numbers which means 37 possible outcomes. Each outcome is totally independent and separate from the previous one.
A single number bet has 2.7% or 1:37 chances of winning and a 97.3% or 36:37 chance of losing.
Two number bets have 5.41% or 2:37 winning chances and 94.59% or 35:37 chance of losing.
Three number bets or betting on a row has 8.11% or 3:37 success and a 91.89% or 34:37 failure.
Betting on four numbers has 10.81% or 4:37 success and 89.19% or 33:37 failure.
Six numbers or two row bets have 16.22% or 6:37 success and an 83.78% or 28:37 failure.
Nine numbers or three row bets have 24.32% or 9:37 success and a 75.68% or 28:37 failure.
Twelve numbers/four rows /one column has 32.43% or 12:37 success and 67.57% 25:37 failure.
Black/red, odd/even, high/low have 48.65% or 18/37 success and 51.35% or 19:37 failure.

In American Roulette:
Single number bets has 2.63% (1:38) chance of success, 97.37% (36:38) chance of failure.
Two number bets give 5.26% (2:38) success, 94.74% (35:38) failure.
Three numbers or a row give 7.89% (3:38) success, 92.11% (34:38) failure.
Four numbers give 10.53% (4:38) success, 89.47% (33:38) failure.
Six numbers or two row bets have 15.79% (6:38) success, 84.21% (28:38) failure.
Nine numbers or three rows have 23.68% (9:38) success, 76.32% (28:38) failure.
Twelve numbers/four rows/one column offer 31.58% (12:38) success, 68.42% (25:38) failure.
Black/red, odd/even, high/low have 47.37% (18/38) success, 52.63% (19:38) failure.